Lighthouse Engagement Activity Program

The purpose of LEAP is to help you recover from chemical dependency and an emotional or psychiatric illness. The education and activities offer a personal and meaningful way to work a LEAP program of dual recovery. They can help you apply the principles of LEAP in all areas of your life affected by your dual disorders, the Leap helps you considered and explore your spiritual, emotional, physical and social self.

LEAP offers a simple path to dual recovery that many people find effective. LEAP works on mental health, addiction and behavior and runs alongside support groups and fellowships in the community. We link into these community resources to achieve the best outcomes and promotes more opportunities for all our clients when needing and accessing support.

LEAP coaches help put your personal program of recovery into action. If you are new to the program, it will offer practical learning experiences to get you started. If you have been in recovery a while, LEAP can help you renew and strengthen your program/knowledge/skills and tools. While you are in your contract with the LEAP program you will be allocated  three LEAP coaches who are on this journey of self discovery with you and are for you to discuss your progress. Your mental health LEAP coach will be using the Recovery star to track your journey and aspects of this will focus on addiction.

Working LEAP is a safe and peaceful path you can follow to help you recover and maintain your recovery from your dual disorder. But more than that, LEAP offers a practical, flexible foundation for rebuilding your life. As you work LEAP you will gradually experience a richer, more satisfying way of living. You will also discover you are not alone with your dual disorder. Others like you are there to understand, encourage, and walk with you through your journey of recovery. Together we find courage,strength, and hope focusing: “ONE DAY AT A TIME”.

As you work LEAP, remember that dual recovery is a process that takes time and practice. By wanting recovery and being willing, honest and open you can achieve and maintain your dual recovery. You deserve the chance to improve the quality of your life you have, prevent relapse, have a greater peace of mind and sense of hope.

LEAP will not only promote your recover, it will help you thrive!

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Our Clients Say

my life has changed so much in the last 12 weeks but more importantly I have changed with their guidance

After suffering with mental health (Military specific PTSD) and getting no or very little help from the NHS, I was