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Giving you the Right Keys

Our residential setting is based on an enhanced support environment that is pro-active in assisting you to reform an existence that you carve out your true identity in a productive step towards a life that is actively engaging in a society that once was a road to ruin.

We provide a non-clinical, none religious environment, open to anybody, whether you follow a particular faith or not. The oppurtunity for faith based recovery is available dependent on individual choice and is optional in the support being provided. 

Our aim is to enable you to reach a point where you are in full control of your life, being who you were created to be and living a life of purpose and worth, being in charge of all aspects of your life. 

The Keys

  • Total abstinence from all addictions
  • Living environment
  • Relational ties (healthy and toxic)
  • Daily living skills
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Disabilities - how to manage and overcome them
  • Constructive recreational time and behaviour
  • Putting hands to use (training for reigning)
  • Emotional & psychological skills (defeating the enemy within)
  • Social inclusion (safety in society)
  • Financial stability (budgeting and finance)

How do I start my journey

Admission to Lighthouse is voluntary and is dependent on assessment. Referral is by direct access or through a professional service provider (GP, Adult Social Care, ADS, Mental Health Team, Probation, MCC, etc).

Admission can also be part of a community sentence and a post custodial sentence from the courts. It is also possible for residential treatment to be arranged and funded privately. In cases where a client is in contact with a professional service provider in the community, a place at Lighthouse may be funded publicly.

We will conduct an initial assessment based on your individuals needs and inform you how long it takes to gain access to our service.

Get in touch with us for more information or to visit us. 

Our Clients Say

I can honestly say that coming here has changed my life so much.

I have been a resident of Lighthouse for over 2 years now and can honestly say that coming here has